10 Commandments of Hosting

Become A Great Host


Choose a good venue – it can be something new, something different, a hidden brunch spot or a place you know is trustworthy. You can choose from our list of restaurants, cafes and other venues, or suggest a new place you would love to sign up as one of our partners.


Once your event is confirmed. Keep the lines of communications open with your venue via messaging on the platform.


Know what you’re selling and understand the value our community brings to the venue, and the value of your BooknBrunch event to your guests.


Be honest and upfront with guests and venue hosts when it comes to your book club etiquette and book club rules.


Choose your book from our curated book list on our online bookstore, the Brookstore, or suggest your own.


Think about a Surprise and Delight – what little extras can you bring to the table to make the experience just that little bit better? For example: The chef makes a special dessert, you include a keychain, mug, small gift or token, or create a special menu for your group.


Follow through and show up (ahead of time!) to host the book club event.


You’re the curator of the conversations: Start with introductions, ask guests what they want to get out of the experience, and be a good listener. Make every member feel important and let them all have a say. Remember book club questions get the conversation flowing. Treat everyone at the event, how you would want to be treated.


Spread the word! Talk about your book club event, share details and pictures on social media, and grow your Brookie community.


Have fun and thank everyone for attending and being a part of the community!