Brookie Members

Membership gives you access to all of our events. Browse them here. Events are public or private, ticketed or free. Become a host if you’d like to organize one yourself. 

Brookie Hosts

Hosting is easy. Choose any book you like, or select from our list here. Partner with one of our venue options to take the work out of planning or choose a venue of your own. Create the event, help sell tickets by spreading the word, on the day of the event show up and facilitate great conversation. Payouts happen post event. 

Venue Partners

As a venue partner you upload your set menu and begin accepting group reservations (with set menus) easily. You control every part of your offering: availability, pricing, min and max number of guests, type of menu you’ll accept. You can edit your profile at anytime. You can upload an unlimited number of set menus (brunch menu, party menu, lunch, dinner, etc)

Brookie Hosts choose a venue to partner with, make a request for the time and day they want and the number of guests. You have 24 hours to accept or reject their request. As the venue, you provide the space, the food, the service and the atmosphere. 24 hours before the time of the event you are provided with the final number of guests and any dietary restrictions.  Day of the event the host shows up, the guests show up and you serve a beautiful meal according to the set menu selected. For more details on what to expect please visit our Become a Venue page.


There is no fee to join! Each event is priced individually. Events can be free or ticketed, public or private. Just come ready to socialize and be excited to meet new people and have thought-provoking discussions.