Why Be a Venue

Why List Your Venue For Our Book Clubs

Interested in having groups of 5+ book events in your space? We act as your group event sales manager helping you seamlessly book groups with set menus.

More People

Hosting a BooknBrunch event opens your doors to a whole new set of customers and can help fill space during off hours. Over 50% of Brookie guests are coming to your venue for the first time and will likely return! Brookies make return visits and share about your space and food on social media. It’s an opportunity to let your venue shine.

Money, Money, Money

Our booking system is seamless and direct payment happens through Stripe. You set the price and menu, the event host (Brookie Host) and BooknBrunch takes care of the rest. 

It's Easy to Sign Up

Signing up is simple and easy. Create a profile with your offerings. You can upload several different menus for each location. Upload photos, set your price and availability and you’re good to go! 
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How To Become A BooknBrunch Venue

Are You A Good Fit?

Our BooknBrunch experiences take place in restaurants of varying sizes, private members-only clubs, in coffee shops, in dinner spots and in unusual settings. Anything is possible! What matters most is a great atmosphere and great food. 

Some of our venue partners are:

• cafes  • restaurants  • galleries  • public spaces  • community centers

• co-working spaces  • private lofts  • catering companies


Sign Up And Build A Vendor Profile

1. Upload Your Contact Details + Connect Your Banking Information

     Get paid out post event through our platform by connecting your bank information via Stripe.

2. Describe Your Atmosphere 

Tell the world why your spot is amazing (key dishes, amenities, what you’re known for).

 3. Upload 2+ Photos of Your Venue

Show the world your amazing spot.  

4. Create Your Set Menu(s) and Set Your Price 

From coffee, eggs and sweets. Tell us what you’ll be serving to tempt the Brookies’ taste buds. Menus can be brunch, lunch, dinner, party menus, or even a snack menu. Anything is possible. You can upload unlimited set menus. Set your per plate price and availability. 

5. Take Reservations and Welcome Guests

Get ready to host a BooknBrunch event in your space as soon as you’re approved. Welcome them and sit back as they create memories in your space.

6. Get Paid

If a guest cancels last minute you still get paid out for their ticket/meal. 

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