5 Reasons Why Guys Should Join Book Club

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5 Reasons Why Guys Should Join Book Club

I know what you’re thinking, gentlemen. The phrase “book club” likely conjures up a not-so-masculine, image in your head. You picture a  red-blooded guy joining a bunch of white-haired ladies in Laura Ashley dresses drinking tea and discussing the latest Oprah tome. How boring, right? Wrong. Trust me, on this. Here’s why you should join one:

  1. You will expand your horizons: If the sum total of your reading last year was the sports page, then absorbing something completely outside of your universe, something you would never have picked up on your own, can be a revelation.   Otherwise, how will you ever find out that Amy in Gone Girl was actually not just a missing wife, but a crazy-ass, twisted psycho? I know, going outside of your reading comfort zone is never easy. But hey, riding a bike, or getting the guts to down an oyster for the first time wasn’t exactly easy, now was it?  
  2. Having a commitment will mean you will actually finish a book:  It’s far too easy in our busy lives to procrastinate on reading something substantial—by watching brain-eating TV like Big Brother instead. But if facing your book club peers means you will have to actually spout out something pithy, chances are, you’ll get your book read and be prepared, even if you have to pull an all-nighter the night before. And you know what? It’s actually really fun to share your own opinion (“hated the ending of the book!”) with like-minded souls.
  3. The food is almost always excellent: Way better than the cold leftover pizza you had yesterday. I’m talking fancy and meaty versions of the trusted breakfast staple, eggs benny that you never knew existed.
  4. Meet new, very interesting people: The attendees are well rounded, worldly and well-educated (not necessarily conventionally either) with an innate curiosity about the world. Wouldn’t you like more friends like that? I can pretty much assure you that the likes of a Sarah Palin is not in a book club (she couldn’t even name a magazine she had read, remember?)
  5. The ratio of women (some really attractive) to guys is usually 15 to one. Enough said. But in all seriousness, it’s tricky to meet new people and have a meaningful conversation these days. So make it easier on yourself, nix the idea of meeting new people at a bar or pub over loud music and drinks, and do it in a book club setting.

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Jason Kim

Jason reads as a respite from a hectic corporate job.

A major traveler, Jason enjoys eating exotic breakfasts (and brunch) at far off locations and reading books to get into the culture of the country in which he is visiting.  Favourite reads were My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk in Turkey, White Tiger in India, and Eat Pray Love in Bali.

Favourite book:  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Favourite brunch dish: Hanoi style pho


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