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Introducing: Your New Favourite Breakfast Sandwich
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Dirty Food Eatery

I know, it’s a strong statement. But for someone who a) is an avid breakfast sandwich-er and b) usually avoids using absolutes, I stand by it. Dirty Food Eatery – if you can get past the name – serves a mouth-watering, crave-it-for-days-after breakfast sandwich. But more on that later. After all, there’s plenty to love about this Toronto brunch spot, other than the obvious. 


Dirty Food Eatery is cool and casual to a T. Located in the Junction, it completely fits the neighbourhood profile and is usually filled with late 20- and 30-something’s needing a cure for their previous night out, and young families with kids in adorably trendy outfits. It’s not the quietest atmosphere, but there’s a homey feeling that makes it easy to slide right into a seat and get comfortable.


The servers always fit the cool and casual vibe; they’re easy to talk to and attentive, making you feel like you’ve been a familiar face for years, even if you haven’t. If you head over at peak brunch hours, you’ll more than likely have to wait for a table, but don’t let that discourage you. As long as the weather allows it, it’s nice to wander into the nearby shops while you wait to be called for an opening.

Presentation, Quality & Taste

Breakfast’wich $11.00

Okay, here’s where it gets really good. On one generously-sized plate, you get your choice of side, mine being half greens and half home fries. The home fries are a nice balance of soft and crispy, and – I’ll be honest – the greens get a bit ignored, but they do have a light and tangy dressing. Then, there’s the Breakfast’wich: a buttermilk bun with fried egg, fried cheese, greens, pickles, banana peppers, their house-made mayo, and the star itself: the fried green tomato. You can also get the sandwich with an Andouille sausage patty, but even if you’re not a vegetarian I’d recommend it with the fried green tomato. The slightly-sour taste is mellowed out by the myriad of other flavours, but it still adds a punch that you don’t get from your average egg and cheese concoction.

Eggs Jenny $14.00

Special shoutout to their Eggs Jenny as well, which is a very welcome take on the classic Eggs Benedict, with a smooth Tarragon-Hollandaise sauce that covers a poached egg, collards, and your choice of peameal bacon or a fried green tomato on a delicious buttermilk biscuit. Add their spicy fries as a side, which are thoroughly seasoned but not overly spicy, and you’ll be full until dinner.


Value for Money

For under $11, the amount of flavour, food, and unique additions that Dirty Food Eatery has added to their classic brunch staples is worth it to me. Will it be your most health-conscious meal? No. Is it worth it? Yes, because sometimes you just need fried everything on a buttery bun.

The Bottom Line: 4.5/5 Brookie Stars

Dirty Food Eatery serves up a near-perfect brunch experience for me. Half of a point was cut for the long wait time that you’ll most likely encounter, which can be especially disappointing when the weather’s not on your side. 

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Shannon Hodgen is a lifelong writer, DIY enthusiast, and homebody. She satisfies her need to put pen to paper–or, more accurately, fingertips to keyboard–as an agency copywriter, blog contributor, and freelance editor in Toronto.

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