White Spice by D. E. Ambrose (184 pages)

Criminal Minds and Illegal Drugs
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White Spice by D. E. Ambrose (184 pages)

“White Spice” Is A Story Of The War On Drugs In Grenada And Around The World

White Spice exposes and examines the extent of the war on drugs being battled by law enforcement agencies across the world every day, even as I type these words. The islands of the Caribbean are an easy target with miles of coastline and limited border patrol personnel. White Spice highlights the threats and casualties that arise from both the drugs themselves and also from the violent and somewhat bloody battles that take place between rival gangs. 

Straightforward And Realistic

The story is well-paced and straightforward, and while fictional, the events and characters are realistic, allowing you to become invested in their lives and the pivotal decisions they make. The narrative flows quickly and smoothly, allowing the reader to become immersed in the action and interactions between dealers and law enforcement. As a result, I found it impossible not to become absorbed in the inevitable dramas and crises that unfolded. 

Living in Barbados at the time of reading may have added to my enjoyment of the book. I found that I was naturally drawn into the depicted culture of the island, and the smatterings of somewhat familiar vernacular only drew me in further. If you have not experienced island life, you may find the writing slightly less engaging. However, the story is believable and exciting, and it’s worth giving it a try for that reason alone.

The Bottom Line: 3/5 Brookie Stars

My only criticism is the story’s simplicity, and while engaging, it does not deliver a genuinely challenging read. Its linear progression could benefit from some more angular inserts with backstories being woven into the main story to bring an added dimension and interest. 

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