Summertime Self-Care Rituals: Four Ways to Indulge at Home

Treat Yourself With A Self-Care Ritual From the Comfort of Your Own Home
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Summertime Self-Care Rituals: Four Ways to Indulge at Home

Summertime Self-Care Rituals

Our Canadian summers are prized opportunities to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth of a too-short season while it lasts. And while many of us are flocking outdoors, the fleeting nature of this season can also remind us of how easy it is to let time pass without truly taking stock of the present and the quality of our inner lives. 

Whether you’re taking a bit of time off this season, still adjusting to working from home with roommates/kids, or simply trying to manage responsibilities, we hope you’re carving out some quality time for yourself. And if you’re not, well, we’re here to help! 

Check out these simple ways to kickstart or enhance your personal self-care rituals from the comfort of your home.

1. Tea Heaven

One of my favourite self-care rituals is also one of the easiest: the alchemy of a little hot water and a bag of herbs. Whether it’s a boost at the start of the day or a soother at the end, tea making and drinking always sends signals of self-love to my body and mind. 

If you’re looking for a wide selection of delicious, organic teas, check out Lemon Lily’s online shop. Try an earthy Genmaicha to bring you into wakefulness in the morning or a relaxing Enjoymint to send you off to dreamland at night. There’s something for everyone including wilder combinations for the more adventurous. 

Or if you’re looking for something completely homemade and chilled, a new summertime fave of mine is a cooling ginger-lemon infusion. Pour boiled water into a pot of ginger and lemon wedges, let it cool, refrigerate, then voila! You’ve got a refreshing brew to sip on throughout the day.

Ritual Tip

If you’re drinking lots of lemon water on the daily, consider using a reusable straw to combat the acidity. Your teeth will thank you!

2. Toe Time

Our feet are literally under pressure all of the time. And now that we’re in sandal season, many of us may be taking a closer look at what’s on display before we leave the house. 

Whether they’re crammed into shoes for most of the year or exposed to dusty, heated streets in the summertime, at some point, our tender toes probably look as though they could use some quality time with a professional. Luckily, we have some simple solutions to bring the spa home to you and give your feet the break they deserve.

As far as cleansing goes, I’m a fan of a simple mix of Epsom salts and a few drops of aromatic oil in a foot bath (AKA any clean bucket). But that doesn’t mean you can’t kick it up a notch with some handy extras to help keep your feet soft and supple.

Ritual Tip

Take your time with this one. Set your foot bath down on something waterproof and soak away while enjoying a good book or catching up on a show. Or get creative in this colouring app.

3. Two-Step Body Pampering 

After a long hot day in the summer sun, a shower is mandatory, but throw in a few extra frills and shower time becomes an experience. Try out our simple bath time duo to beautify your body.

Step 1: The Scrub

Treat yourself to a little exfoliation the first step in keeping summer skin smooth and supple. Release the tensions and dirt of the day with an all-natural scrub from Bellurelle. Made with a mix of turmeric, sugars, and oils, Glaze is formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots or acne scarring, but its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone. The heavenly mix of ingredients is sure to leave you with soft glowing skin. 

Step 2: The Lotion

If there’s one part of my self-care routine that I can’t do without, it’s body cream. Post-shower, it’s the finishing step that provides a little extra loving attention to the body as a whole. Depending on your skin type (and the season) there are lots of delightful mixes to play around with. Treat yourself to a moisturizing massage with one of these concoctions.

  • Love Butter by jELN a whipped delight for silky smooth moisture without a greasy feel.
  • Sleepy Honey Buttercream from Essentials by Temi a great choice for irritated skin, this balm is created with soothing, natural ingredients.
  • Coconut Lime Hand & Body Lotion by LOVEFRESH made with avocado and a little help from kimchi, this intriguing mixture is the go-to choice for a lighter lotion with a rich feel.

Ritual Tip

Need some help relaxing? Lavender is your friend. After a night-time shower (or a long day), try spritzing your sheets with some lavender mist for an extra boost of aromatherapy. You can find Flower and Time Lavender Farm’s lovely sprays and lavender bunches at St. Jacobs Market or check out Weir’s Lane Lavender & Apiary to grab a bottle online.

4. Self-Care Baking

While food is generally a big part of how we enjoy our lives, summertime treats are especially enjoyable. Try experimenting with the gifts of the season to create something that’s delicious and homey. 

This strawberry muffin recipe is a winner; it calls for basic ingredients and makes good use of a seasonal fave. Or take a spin on the original by substituting strawberries for blueberries. The recipe for cake can be found here.

Way too hot indoors to even think about baking? Take a ride out to Robintide Farms to pick your own fruits instead. You’ll get a mini road trip, fresh fruits and the chance to commune in nature all at once. 

Ritual Tip

Back at home, kick up your feet and add your bounty to one of these delicious flavours of Neale’s Sweet n Nice ice cream for a cool, tropical treat.

Whether you decide to pamper yourself with some fresh-baked goodies or an indulgent bath, we hope you’ll be inspired to create a self-care ritual that fits your lifestyle and needs. Some of the most enjoyable and soothing experiences can be created right at home with a little creativity and care. Whatever you choose, make sure to take that time for yourself; you deserve it!

Need something to read while relaxing in your foot bath? Head over to our Brookstore for our top picks of the month. Or consider hosting an online event to connect with our community. 

Keisha Paterson

Keisha Paterson is a lifetime writer of sticky-note poetry who enjoys comfort foods, self-care holidays, and Hawaiian dance. A prolific wanderer, she loves to discover and take home old orphaned books and eclectic records. She is an office manager, private yoga instructor, and freelance editor in Toronto. 

Favourite Book: Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now by Maya Angelou
                                 Favourite brunch spot: Sisters and Co.


Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett (290 pages)


Jackpot by Nic Stone (368 pages)