Renegades Book #1 by Marissa Meyer (556 pages)

A Young Hero Wants to Change The Rules, a Determined Villain Wants to Destroy Them.
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Renegades Book #1 by Marissa Meyer (556 pages)

Marissa Meyer Has Created An Intricate World Filled With ‘Perfect’ Heroes, Vengeful Anarchists, And Grave Secrets That Could Take Down The Whole City.

Renegades tells the story of Nova Artino, the niece of the legendary “Ace Anarchy,” the anarchist who started it all in Gatlon City. After a rival gang killed Nova’s family, it wasn’t the heroic renegades who saved her; it was Uncle Ace. Ace Anarchy was the creator of the anarchists, but when the Renegades rose up and defeated him, there was a new age in Gatlon City–The age of the Renegades. Now, the Renegades call the shots, and Nova is ready for vengeance. Keeping her alias of “Nightmare” hidden, she will infiltrate Renegades headquarters as a prodigy to take them down from the inside out. With her dark powers of never sleeping and putting others to sleep just by a simple touch, she may prove to be the Renegades’ worst nightmare. 

Adrian Everhart’s adoptive fathers are Captain Chromium and The Dread Warden, the Renegades council’s leaders and the faces of the whole city. They taught Adrian how to be the “perfect hero” all the Renegades shape up to be, but he always felt like more layers hid beneath the surface. Adrian feels like there have always been secrets flowing through the council for some time, causing him to look at his heroes differently. Taking matters into his own hands, Adrian uses his powers to create a secret identity to shape a different way of being a Renegade. But when he accepts a prodigy who goes by “Insomnia” onto his team, he begins to think he might not have to change the game on his own.

A Fast-Paced Story That Blends Fierce Action And Emotional Drama As Our Characters Learn That The Line between Good And Evil Isn’t So Clear

Renegades by Marissa Meyer was a thrilling tale that had my superhero heart screaming. The epic world-building brought me on a journey that made me think I lived through an adventure set in the Marvel Universe. It’s not everyday you find a YA book that includes the highs and lows of legendary superheroes and everything they stand for. However, what really stuck out was Meyer’s twist on ordinary superpowers. I was fascinated with how unique and different the powers in this book were. A girl who can turn her blood into crystallized weapons? How cool is that?! And don’t even get me started on how Adrian can bring his drawings to life. They certainly don’t call him Sketch for nothing. 

The hidden secrets in this story are what kept me captivated throughout this novel. As Nova works with the Renegades and begins to form unwilling friendships with Adrian and his team, she’s not sure who she is supposed to fight alongside. All she knows is that the Renegades weren’t there to help her family, and they were the very ones who killed her uncle—the one person who was there for her. It should be simple, take down the people who claim to be heroes and create a new way of living. Seeing Nova battle with her inner demons as new relationships unfold captured me with every word. And when those new secrets began to surface, watching Nova question her loyalties was the start of a fantastic redemption arc we all love to see. 

The Bottom Line: 4/5 Brookie Stars

Renegades took me a few chapters to really get into the story, but after a few action-packed scenes filled with drama, I was hooked. Marissa Meyer brings her readers on an epic adventure through Gatlon City with the adrenaline-filled storyline and fleshed-out, flawed characters. Once the morally good Adrian Everhart started to believe in our dark Nova Artino, I knew I had just stepped onto an emotional roller coaster ride.

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