Occasionally Eggs by Alexandra Daum (275 pages)

Simple Vegetarian Recipes for Every Season
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Occasionally Eggs by Alexandra Daum (275 pages)

Occasionally Eggs is the Impressive First Cookbook from Alexandra Daum, Showing how Simple it can be to Cook Vegetarian Meals

I was attracted to Occasionally Eggs by its cover, so simple in design and so effective in drawing me in that I imagined sitting down at that table and devouring that bowl of spring green soup. I was also attracted by the title. I have been transitioning to a plant-based diet for some time now, and while I eat only plant-based food at home, I am sometimes challenged when eating out if there is no vegan option on the menu. Often the only dish on the menu that doesn’t include meat (which I do not eat for ethical and environmental reasons) or dairy (which my body is intolerant of) contains eggs. Therefore, I occasionally eat eggs. Voila! 

I was not disappointed when I looked inside and found an incredibly well-organized book, beautifully written and crammed with mouth-watering photographs. What foodie doesn’t love to drool over food photos? With tons of recipes that are not overcomplicated, don’t require you to have a kitchen that resembles Williams & Sonoma or have you slaving over a hot cooker for hours. This is my kind of cookbook. Except for the bakes, most dishes can be made in 30 minutes or less. Some of the dishes don’t even need cooking!

Occasionally Eggs is divided into four main sections following the seasons, each further divided into six sub-sections based on the meal type or time of day. As somebody who searches for recipes based on meal type, such as main meals, snacks, soup, etc., this works really well for me. I found that the seasonal split was a great way to tailor my menu to the foods that are currently in season. It allowed me to buy local and seasonal, meaning that I used the freshest ingredients, reducing the impact on the environment and my pocket. There are also a couple of supporting sections explaining staple recipes and fermented foods which are great for those who are new to either vegetarian foods or making their  own fermented food. 

Occasionally Eggs Is A Cookbook For All

It’s an excellent book for those new to vegetarian cooking or any whole-food cooking for that matter. I am referring to meal preparation using fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains instead of processed or pre-packaged foods. Alexandra has thoughtfully included a section on ‘kitchen essentials’ that explain key ingredients and equipment (remember the Williams & Sonoma reference above) to set you up for success. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, and the recipes in this book are testament to that – simple, wholesome and satisfying. 

Alexandra’s even explained common ingredients. While they are widely available in grocery stores, some of them may be unfamiliar to those who are just beginning to explore and cook using plant-based and whole-food ingredients. 

Here are a few of my favourite recipes from the Spring section to whet your appetite: 

  • Lemon Coconut Bites (p.28) are so fragrant and fresh. Who doesn’t love a tasty treat?  
  • Spiced Strawberry Jam (p. 36) is simply divine on fresh-baked bread, and I also top my muesli with it.
  • New Potato Salad (p.43) is perfect for this time of year when we have an abundance of local, new potatoes.
  • Nordic Burgers (p.50) divine! Having lived in Denmark, I am a sucker for rye bread, and these burgers invoke my memories of my time there

The Bottom Line: 5/5 Brookie Stars

Fearful of trying out new recipes? This book is ideal for people who are new to vegetarian and whole foods. It’s also excellent for those who have dabbled with a plant-based diet or are seasoned cooks. I have cooked many vibrant and healthy meals from this book, and it’s quickly becoming one of my go-to cookbooks. It’s already well-thumbed, and I’ve only had it for a few weeks. 

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Jacqui Hodges

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