Best YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

Time to Pack up Some Good YA Books For Your Next Road Trip!
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Best YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

Best YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

Summertime means more time for packing a bag and hitting the streets for those long, fun road trips. If you’re like me, a good road trip sounds like the perfect getaway for those long summer days, especially if you’re packing up with friends! And if you’re also like me, you never leave the house without a book in hand.  But, leaving the house for days on end might require more than just one emergency book…fear not! We have the best YA books to bring on a road trip detailed below, so as you’re planning out your long drive to whatever destination, make sure you pack up these excellent reads!

1.  One Last Stop  by Casey McQuiston

 cover of One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston - YA Books to Bring on A Road Trip

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When August moves to New York City, she is dead set on staying in her mindset that magic and love don’t exist. With her unconventional upbringing brought on by her unique mother, August is ready to live her simple, boring life with her new interesting roommates. But when August encounters Jane, the enigmatic, charming punk rock queen on the train, she might be in for an even more unusual time. As the two girls grow closer on their train commute, August soon learns that Jane doesn’t just look the part of a 1970’s rock queen, she is literally misplaced in time, and it’s up to August to get her back to her time period. It looks like no matter where August goes; magic seems to follow her everywhere. 

Why You Should Pack It:

This book was all parts swoony, quirky, fun, and charming! I absolutely loved August and her cynicism, and we were reminded as readers that not all protagonists are happy-go-lucky beings with the perfect attitude. August had an exhausting upbringing, with most of her life spent looking for her missing uncle. August’s skeptical but quirky voice really drew me into this story, with her inner monologue having me giggling to myself all night. The characters in this story showed off their three-dimensional personalities with their little quirks and fleshed-out behaviours. I think we’d all be lucky to have a roommate like Myla. August’s and Jane’s dynamic was perfect. I loved how easy it was for them to interact as if they’ve known each other forever. Maybe that’s why I was rooting for them

2.  Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road Book One) by Katie McGarry

cover of Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry - YA Books to Bring on A Road Trip

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Seventeen-year-old Emily likes her boring old life living with her mother and stepdad in her safe little town. However, her curiosity always wants to get the better of her, and Emily finds herself thinking about her biological father, the one who chose his life as the leader of a motorcycle club over her. When Emily reluctantly attends her paternal grandmother’s funeral, the short trip unexpectedly turns into an extended vacation. Stuck in the town she almost grew up in, Emily begins to learn more about her hidden family that sheds some light on some secrets that could very well crumble her comfortable world. And nothing is easier with Oz, the club’s prospect looming over her as her personal bodyguard during her stay. As Emily and Oz grow closer, lines are crossed, secrets explode, and “family” might have a different meaning. 

Why You Should Pack it: 

This story is perfect if you’re looking for an exciting summer thriller filled with enigmatic romance. Oz is the hot, protective rebel that will do anything to secure his place in the Reign of Terror motorcycle club, and Emily is the curious heroine who is determined to uncover secrets about her past. Their dynamic makes this story the swoon-worthy summer thriller you’re looking for! If you’re a fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope along with the bad boy good girl dynamic, this book is precisely what you’re looking for.

3. Until Friday Night (The Field Party Book One)  by Abbi Glines

cover of Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines - YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

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Maggie Carelton hasn’t spoken since her father murdered her mother two years ago. When she moves to Lawton, Alabama, to live with her aunt and uncle, there’s hope that she will come alive again and become the vibrant girl she once was. Only, the pain and sorrow of losing both her parents affected her in ways that no one could ever understand, so the hopes of her speaking again are slim. However, when she connects with West Ashby, Lawton’s big-time football star, there’s light at the end of Maggie’s long dark tunnel. But Maggie quickly learns that West is hiding some demons of his own. The only question is, will these demons bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Why You Should Pack it:

Dual POV! I repeat! Dual POV! I have always been a sucker for a double point of view in a young adult romance, especially when both voices are so well-written. Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines is the perfect heart-wrenching love story for your road trip. Maggie and West are both young high schoolers who are forced to grow up too fast after experiencing horrible tragedies that no teenager should ever have to go through. Their dynamic is real and raw, and Glines doesn’t hold anything back. There’s something about reading a book set in a small football town that really gets a reader feeling nostalgic about their high school glory days. 

4. Darling by K. Ancrum

 cover of Darling by K. Ancrum - YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

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Wendy’s first night is nothing short of a whirlwind when she meets the captivating Peter, and suddenly, her night is full of mischief and adventure. When Peter asks Wendy to join him for a night on the town, Wendy just thinks they’re heading to some Chicago party, but they soon end up in the city’s underground. When Wendy meets Peter’s friends, a punk girl named Tinkerbelle, and the lost boys, she’s also met with Peter’s nemesis, Detective Hook, and she soon learns Peter might be more dangerous than just his looks. 

Why You Should Pack it:

The mystery and secrets that come along with this story had me wondering what made Peter Pan so dark! Yes, we all know I’m obsessed with Peter Pan retellings, but this one is an absolute powerhouse of dark themes and elements that keeps readers captivated from page one. The characters throughout Darling brought this kind of magic you would find in the original Peter Pan story, only there were a lot of fun twists. Not to mention, the wonderfully diverse cast of characters really shined a light on this dark retelling. 

5. The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

 cover of The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout- YA Books to Bring on a Road Trip

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Mallory Dodge must face a new challenge—high school. After being homeschooled for four years after a nightmarish event in her life, Mallory is heading off to public school for her senior year. Her anxiety and fears overcome her as she thinks about returning to school, but when she runs into Rider Stark, her childhood friend and protector, Mallory realizes that their connection never faded after all these years. But she soon realizes that Rider is also dealing with some lingering scars from the past, and as Mallory watches Rider’s life spiral out of control, she must either muster up the courage to speak up or continue to stay silent.

Why You Should Pack it: 

Jennifer L. Armentrout can do no wrong. Her young adult contemporaries are captivating, and The Problem with Forever is nothing short of a masterpiece. Mallory and Rider’s dynamic brings you back to the strength of falling in love for the first time as teenagers. Both of these high schoolers are flawed, fleshed-out characters with a complicated past as they grew up in an abusive foster home together. Throughout the story, their relationship grew from friends to something much more powerful, and you could see it in the way they protected each other. The slow-burn romance between Mallory and Rider would have any reader swooning as they navigate this messy yet thrilling romantic story. 

No Road Trip is Complete Without a Good Book

The time is now to hop in the car and venture out to the great unknown as you explore the open roads of this magical place we call home. The world is waiting for you to come to see it! No road trip is complete without a good book, so do yourself a favour and be prepared with all of these fantastic reads! Just make sure you have a book in your hand when you do.

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