Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone (384 pages)

A Girl Must Learn How to Fight Dark Forces to Save Everyone She Loves
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Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone (384 pages)

Lyndall Clipstone Delivers a Beautifully Dark Story in This Stunning Debut

Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone tells the story of Violeta (Leta) Graceling and her life, which has always been shrouded in darkness. Since she was young, she has always fought to take care of her little brother, Arien, who battles the dark shadows brought on by Lord Under. Raised by a woman who tortured them, Leta knows that this isn’t a life they can live forever. So when Rowan Sylvanan, the man who’s been dubbed “monster” by the town, returns for his tithes, he sets his sights on Arien to take him back to the infamous Lakesedge estate. But if the rumours hold true, Rowan murdered his entire family, and his dark and ominous presence is not one to be messed with. Feeling like she is running out of choices, Leta forcibly joins her brother Arien at the Lakesedge estate with Rowan, and she soon finds that Rowan might not be the terrifying monster that all make him out to be, but the dark forces of Lakesedge might in fact be. 

An Hauntingly Dark Gothic Fantasy Filled with Shadow Magic, Dark Forces, and Intriguing Characters

I have been waiting for a new gothic fantasy that haunts me before I go to sleep, and did I ever find it in Lakesedge! Clipstone’s descriptions and prose throughout the book are nothing short of stunning and haunting. The atmosphere she creates is dark and enthralling, with the worldbuilding immersing the reader in the beautifully dark trenches of the Lakesedge estate. There’s a scary forest! And a frightening lake! And did I mention the equally terrifying, but seemingly mysterious, Lord Under? Yeah, he plays a vital role in Leta’s story, and it is absolutely excellent. 

Leta is a dynamic character who will do whatever she can to protect Arien. Her unwavering strength and protective nature make her exactly who she needs to be in this story to face the Lord Under and all the horrors of the Lakesedge estate. Rowan Sylvanan is a dark and tortured character who has been through a lot in his lifetime, and Clipstone does an impeccable job of showing that through his dialogue and descriptions. Rowan is the type of tortured character you want to save from the pages and tuck him in under your wing forever so nothing can hurt him ever again. Good thing Leta is there to protect him. (Wink, wink). 

The Bottom Line:  5/5 Brookie Stars

Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone was a stunning gothic fantasy that readers will lose themselves in from page one. The dark atmospheric descriptions transport anyone who reads to the gloomy and mysterious Lakesedge estate, where they will be lost in the dark shadows. Just remember to always keep a candle lit when you’re there. The Lord Under is always watching. 

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