One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston (422 pages)

A Love Cynic Meets a Displaced Punk Rock Time Traveler in This Quirky Modern Romance
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One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston (422 pages)

Best Selling Author Casey McQuiston Delivers an LGBTQ Love Story That Transcends the Boundary of Time in One Last Stop

When twenty-three-year-old August moved to New York City, she was dead set on staying in her mindset that magic and love doesn’t exist. With her unconventional upbringing brought on by her unique mother, August is ready to live a simple, boring life with her new, interesting roommates. But when August encounters Jane, the enigmatic, charming punk rock queen on the New York Subway, she’s in for a wild ride, for Jane is not exactly part of her current world. As the two girls grow closer on their train commute, August soon learns that Jane doesn’t just look the part of a 1970’s rock queen, she is literally misplaced in time, and it’s up to August to get her back to her time period. No matter where August goes, magic seems to follow her everywhere. But with her budding feelings for Jane, will August be left heartbroken?

A Quirky Story That Would have Anyone Wishing They Met Swoon Worthy Punk Rock Girls on the NYC Subway

One Last Stop was everything a contemporary romance should be. It was quirky, fun, charming, and definitely had its fair share of serious moments, but it was perfect. First of all, let’s talk about August, our cynical protagonist. Her skeptical voice pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me captivated until the very last page. The best thing about August was the fact that she was so relatable. And we need that in the protagonists we look up to. August had no issue looking on the realistic side of things and keeping herself grounded as she navigated through this book. With her less-than-conventional upbringing, she definitely had reasons for why she wasn’t always the most happy-go-lucky girl. 

Now let’s talk about the romance. August and Jane’s dynamic was impeccable and pushed this story to exactly where it needed to be. With Jane’s charming yet mysterious punk rock essence, anyone would be captivated by her from just one look. I guess it makes sense she was literally displaced in time. What I loved most about Jane was how she brought out August’s more vulnerable side throughout the story and showed the readers a side of August that even August didn’t know existed. 

The Bottom Line: 5/5 Brookie Stars

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston was the fresh and fun Rom-Com we all needed. This book was nothing short of a heart-warming feel good story that might have readers hunting down displaced time travelers on the subway so they can have their magic moment like August. 

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