Four Perfect Places to Read Your Next Book

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Four Perfect Places to Read Your Next Book

Four Perfect Places to Read Your Next Book

Reading a book is such a gift. It’s a time to fade from reality into the worlds created by countless authors where we learn, laugh, feel deeply, and so much more. Anyone who knows me knows I have a book in some form with me at all times (you never know when you’ll be able to sneak in a few pages). While I can read just about anywhere, I do prefer for my reading environment to be relaxing, comfortable, and filled with limited distractions. I’ve compiled a general list of my favourite reading spots for you to dive into your next read, using examples from my city.

The Best Places To Read

Library: Let’s start with the obvious—the library! Libraries are packed full of incredible choices and experts to provide you recommendations if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. At my local library, Halifax Central Library, there are always displays at the front entrance based on a current topic, the seasons, or a local issue. If I’m looking for something that I can read and return quickly, I can go to the quick reads section where I can choose from any genre. What I enjoy most about the library though, is the adventure I go on. I love wandering between the shelves, discovering books I’ve never heard of. The library is a good spot if you’re looking to save some money or avoid overflowing bookshelves in your home. 

Public Parks/Gardens: My two favourite spaces to read in Halifax are the Halifax Public Gardens near the pond in the shade or Point Pleasant Park on a bench looking out at the ocean. These wonderful, cost-free reading locations are outdoor spaces that offer a range of calming sensory stimuli that help the hustle and bustle feel of the city vanish. There are spaces for everyone here, no matter if you want to bake in the sun or keep cool in the shade. Each outdoor space has a different level of walking traffic so you may need to do some trial and error at your own local spots to find the right location and time of day for you—you don’t want to be distracted when you’re trying to escape! 

Coffee Shop/Cafe: Since moving to Halifax, I’ve discovered two cute cafes that also function as bookstores;  Trident Booksellers & Cafe and Open Book Coffee. These are inviting spaces where hidden treasures can be found, and guilt-free indulgence can take place. If there isn’t something like this where you live, any coffee shop or cafe will do – just remember to bring your book with you! For some, the fast pace and sounds that live within a coffee shop may be too much, but for those who appreciate the white noise, this is a perfect spot! My tip: if you plan to dive into a book while at a coffee shop, choose a table that’s out of the way, where you can take your time without feeling like you’re overstaying your welcome. And don’t forget to order something!

The Beach: Similar to a park or garden, the beach offers a nice oasis from city life. Beaches tend to get busy in the summer months though, so if you’re looking to read in a secluded space, try out one of the other options instead. But, if you like hearing the sounds of water, birds, and people enjoying themselves, then pick up your book, pack up a picnic, grab a big beach towel, put on some sunscreen, and head to a beach near you. Because I love being near the ocean, this is where I’ll be doing most of my summer reading!

At the end of the day, my favourite spot to read will always be at home, in the quiet with reading socks, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, a warm mug of tea, and a nice essential oil blend in my diffuser. 

Loved our four perfect places to read your next book? What reading spots do you enjoy most? Let us know here or send a photo to our socials

Rachael Wallace
Rachael Wallace is a homebody who always has at least one book on the go and prefers experiences over material items. She is passionate about always seeing the gifts, strengths and contributions of those around her, especially those with developmental/intellectual disabilities. Rachael is always striving for personal growth and implementing daily self-care practices into her life that align with her needs.

Favourite book: Purple, Green & Yellow by Robert Munsch
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We Free The Stars by Hafsah Faizal (Sands of Arawiya #2, 579 pages)


A Thousand Steps Into Night by Tracy Chee (370 pages)