Take a Trip Around the World of Chocolate!!

The Yummiest Chocolate Treats To Enjoy This World Chocolate Day!
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Take a Trip Around the World of Chocolate!!

Take a Trip Around the World of Chocolate!!

Chocolate has been around for many years. Even the Aztecs and the Mayan people were known to indulge in chocolate drinks. Made from ground cacao, chocolate is highly versatile, especially in desserts and beverages, and it is one of the most popular and well know flavours throughout the world. We eat it, drink it and fragrance things with it and even see it moulded into holiday treats, like eggs, bunnies, hearts and coins. 

In honour of World Chocolate Day on July 7th, let’s take a quick trip around the world and see what  chocolate treats are enjoyed in different countries.

Breakfast Delights

Let’s start in France, or more specifically in a tiny patisserie in the heart of Paris, with a cup of the most decadent sipping chocolate. Made to be savoured, the rich, thick, creamy and luxurious, velvety-smooth drinking chocolate, is simply a delight and a fantastic way to start the day. Check out this recipe from The Daring Gourmet for the most exquisite sipping chocolate, Le Chocolat Chaud.

Of course, you will need a little snack to go with your sipping chocolate, or maybe something to dip into it. Let’s head to the Caribbean, to Jamaica and sample the Jamaican Chocolate Cookies with Caramel Cream. As well as chocolate, the surprise ingredient here is mashed sweet potatoes, blended with chocolate and spice and sandwiched around an indulgent cream cheese filling. These are the ultimate sweet treat. Check out more chocolate recipes from Punchfork

Suppose you prefer your chocolate more on the bitter side. In that case, you’ll be looking for a treat made with chocolate that has a much higher cocoa content – anything 50% or higher will give a more bittersweet chocolate flavour. I suggest hopping over to the US and checking out these Big Fat Double Dark Chocolate Cookies from Mel’s Kitchen Café. As Mel says, they are “Insanely decadent. Insanely chocolate-y. Insanely delicious”. If dark, bitter chocolate is your thing, I challenge you not to fall in love with these cookies.

Afternoon Tea and Cake

We’ve done the morning beverage and snacks, now it’s time for a chocolately afternoon pick-me-up. Let’s jump on a flight and head to the Black Forest region of Germany to sample some Black Forest Cake. Did you know that the Black Forest Cake is not actually named after the Black Forest mountain range as is commonly believed? It’s actually named after the liquor of that region, known as Schwarzwalder Kirsch, which is distilled from tart cherries. Probably Germany’s most famous contribution to the cake world, the Black Forest cake consists of several layers of rich chocolate sponge, cherry and kirsch filling with lashings of whipped cream between each layer. Just for good measure, the cake is then decorated with even more whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings. If you’re feeling adventurous enough to make one yourself, check out this authentic Black Forest Cake recipe from Also The Crumbs Please

A Homegrown Favourite

Of course, an article about chocolate treats would not be complete without referencing the Nanaimo bar. A no-bake dessert consisting of three layers, including a crunchy graham cracker, chocolate and coconut crumb base, topped with a butter icing and then a final layer of chocolate ganache. Double chocolate! Named after Nanaimo, British Columbia, where it was popularised, a reader’s poll in the National Post declared Canada’s favourite confection. If you want to attempt to make your own, then check out this Nanaimo recipe from Cooking Classy, which also has so many more chocolate recipes.  

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