The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (376 Pages)

A Young Girl Might Just Lose The One Thing She Needs The Most: Her Life
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The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (376 Pages)

The Inheritance Games Gives Us a Fast-Paced Story Full of Dark Secrets, Crazy Twists, and a Little Heat.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is at it again with this intense thriller about Avery Grambs, and how her bleak life changes in the blink of an eye. All Avery wants to do is get through high school, use her wits to earn a scholarship, and get the heck out of her little town. Her life went downhill after her mother’s death and she relies on no one but herself. But, when Tobias Hawthorne, a man she’s seemingly never met before and a multi-millionaire leaves Avery his entire fortune, Avery is skeptical about stepping into her new life. 

Avery isn’t the only one who’s skeptical about a complete stranger giving her his billions; Tobias Hawthorne left behind a family and they’re not happy. The four Hawthorne grandsons lived their life thinking they would inherit Tobias’ billions, but when Avery crashes into their lives, things take an interesting turn. One is convinced Avery’s a conwoman and one thinks she’s a puzzle to be solved. Either way, the secrets of Tobias Hawthorne are affecting everyone living in the Hawthorne house and Avery won’t rest until she solves the last piece of the puzzle. But the deeper Avery gets into the Hawthorne secrets, the more danger she realizes she’s in. 

An Exhilerating Thriller That Leaves You on Your Toes as You Dive Deeper Into The Hawthorne Legacy

Barnes absolutely delivers with this fast-paced story that will have you rooting for Avery at every turn. Avery’s quick wits and fierce independence helps her keep charge as she deals with the infamous Hawthorne family. Grayson Hawthorne, heir apparent, will stop at nothing to unveil Avery’s supposed schemes, even their undeniable chemistry. And Jameson Hawthorne’s persistent games and riddles keeps Avery on her toes. Learning about each and every one of these characters that Avery interacts with keeps the story interesting because it seems like everyone has something to hide. Each character is fleshed-out and contribute immensely to the mystery at hand. And once there is an attack on Avery, everyone’s a suspect. 

The stakes in The Inheritance Games continues to rise as each secret is revealed and Avery comes closer to the truth. There was nothing predictable about this mystery and even though this is the first book in a trilogy, the ending will leave anyone satisfied. 

The Bottom Line: 4/5 Brookie Stars

For fans of Pretty Little Liars or Knives Out, The Inheritance Games will be your next favourite to add to your thriller library. Between the fast-paced plot and exhilarating scenes, readers will be on the edge of their seat with every page they turn. 

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