Book Lovers by Emily Henry (384 Pages)

Nora Stephens’ Life Might Be All Books, but She’s Certainly Not Like the Traditional Heroine
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Book Lovers by Emily Henry (384 Pages)

Book Lovers Is the Story That Puts an Interesting Twist on a Traditional Romance

Emily Henry delivers a fun story that twists the bounds on a conventional romance story with a cutthroat heroine known as Nora Stephens. Nora Stephens is known as a fierce literary agent on the streets of New York. Writers everywhere would break doors down to work with her, and Nora knows it. Nora has no doubt in the world that there is nothing she wouldn’t do to make her clients the absolute best they can be. Only, as much as she loves immersing herself in the world of exciting stories, Nora knows just as well that she would never be anything like those plucky dream girls that she reads about all the time in those quirky romance novels. And she’s fine with that.

What she isn’t fine with is that she’s been feeling distant with her sister, Libby, lately, and she just can’t have that, seeing as Libby is the most important person in her life. So when a trip to Sunshine Falls, a tiny town in North Carolina, presents as an opportunity, Nora leaves the comfort of her structured routine for a vacation with her little sister. What Nora couldn’t have seen coming was Charlie Lastra, a big-time editor from the city and her notorious rival. Instead of coincidental run-ins and meet-cutes with the town locals, Nora finds herself constantly bumping into Charlie, and as each encounter steams up Nora realizes maybe Charlie isn’t too bad. However, Nora knows she’s no plucky heroine of any romance novel and Charlie doesn’t believe he’s anyone’s hero. But when these two unconventional souls come together hundreds of miles outside of their bustling city to a quaint small town, they might soon realize they’re more compatible than they think.

An Unconventional Romance That Shows Readers Not Every Heroine Has to Be the “Dream Girl”

I loved everything about this story. Nora Stephens is the character that all of those “perfect” men ditch for the cute and quirky heroine at the end of a romance. What Emily Henry did was brought that evil side character with no feelings to life and gave her a soul. In fact, I would describe her as a Meredith Blake with real feelings. Even with her hard exterior, she still had those things that made her soft—like Libby. I know this was overall, a romance, but the dynamic between Nora and Libby drove this story to exactly where it needed to be. Libby is the deciding factor in a lot of aspects of Nora’s life, and Nora would do anything for her little sister. There’s something about a sisterly bond after a horrible tragedy coming to light that really just pulls readers in. 

Aside from the beautiful sister bond between Nora and Libby, this book is chock-full of romance. And the rivals to lovers dynamic between Nora and Charlie? Immaculate. What I really loved about this book was that even though Nora and Charlie are both more serious and driven characters, neither one of them lacked in the humour department. In fact, both of their strict personalities really added to their silly quirks and sense of humour. Throughout the book, the relationship between Nora and Charlie is constantly evolving as each of them is peeling back layers of themselves, exposing their true emotions

The Bottom Line: 5/5 stars

Book Lovers is a fun and fresh new romance that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The story is filled with real, fleshed-out characters who can resonate with different readers as they are immersed in this book. Nora, Charlie, and Libby will keep readers entranced as they learn about these characters’ hopes and dreams. There’s definitely something we can all earn from one of these characters—especially with Nora, and that would be that it’s okay to stay true to who you are, no matter how many people perceive you differently. 

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