Thanksgiving – How to Pay it Forward with Gratitude

The Season of Giving is Upon Us
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Thanksgiving – How to Pay it Forward with Gratitude

Thanksgiving – How to Pay it Forward with Gratitude

Thanksgiving  is a gentle reminder to be thankful for life’s blessings. In a year when the world is still recovering from the pandemic, it is especially important to keep gratitude top-of-mind. 

It is such a simple act to return others’ kindness, setting in motion the spirit of the holidays.  Studies have also found that acknowledging the good in your  life correlates to greater happiness.  Additionally, there are direct benefits to the relationships you cherish, including bringing more connection and communications. Finally, gratitude boosts your mental health and well-being. 

Intentional acts of gratitude–whether big or small–can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving celebration.  

Acts Of Gratitude 

Give Back

Take advantage of this  time to contribute to a food bank to help address food insecurity in your community. Or, you could find gently used items in your home that you can donate. If you don’t have items you can donate, consider alternative ways to give back, such as creating Thanksgiving baskets filled with non-perishable food items. Once the basket is made, distribute it to a local family in need.  

Spread Gratitude

Find ways to appreciate those around you. If a co-worker or family member does something kind, make it known. You can verbally express thanks, send a text, or post the act of kindness on your social platforms. These simple actions  let them know you appreciate them. 

Send Thanksgiving Cards 

The holidays may look different for many, but a simple act of sending a card to family and friends shows them how much you enjoy having them in your life. This is especially true if you can’t physically be together during the holidays.

Pay It Forward

Random acts of kinds are a simple way to make other people feel special. On your next food run or coffee shop visit, offer to pay for the next person in line or grab an extra treat for a friend. Whatever you choose , just know it will likely put a smile on the person’s face–and probably make their day. One more thing to consider: increase  your tip at your local restaurant so that the wait staff can have some extra cash during the holidays too.

What Thanksgiving gratitude will be become part of your everyday? Let us know by DM’ing us @booknbrunch

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