Celebrating The Holidays Norwegian Style; Romjul

Take a tip From The Norwegians And Celebrate Romjul, The Period Between Christmas and January 1st.
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Celebrating The Holidays Norwegian Style; Romjul

Celebrating The Holidays Norwegian Style; Romjul

For those who celebrate Christmas, you’ve probably already experienced the lull between December 26th and welcoming in the new year. 

Often referred to as Twixtmas, or Boxing Week in the UK, it’s the time when you typically count the days from December 26th until New Year’s Eve or Old Year’s Night depending on which side of the Atlantic you live. In Scandinavia, however, and more specifically Norway, it’s a fixture in its own right known as Romjul. 

Similar to the hygge of Denmark, a sort of coziness and comfortable contentment or well-being, Romjul is a time for conviviality and spending time with families and loved ones. Rather than a New Year countdown, it is a period for actively embracing relationships, family, and friends; a time for becoming one with nature through long winter walks, enjoying simple activities, jigsaw puzzles, and games. It is a time for contemplation of the past year and preparation for the coming year.

So how do you get into the spirit of Romjul? Here are a few suggestions to make the most of the season.

Cozy up in your PJs or onesie, thick woolly socks, and maybe even a dressing gown or housecoat. Pick up those books you’ve been intending to read but didn’t have time to start (check out some suggestions on The Journal). Why not also light some candles to really experience the true Romjul effect!

Go for a bracing winter walk, either alone or with friends. Make sure you’re wrapped up warm, pull on your winter woollies, a hat, scarf, and some thick gloves and get out in the fresh air. A walk in nature, particularly in a cooler temperature can do a lot for our mind, body, and spirit.

Gaming – maybe you received a jigsaw puzzle or game for Christmas or perhaps you have a few in the cupboard that rarely see the light of day; this is the time to change that. Gather friends, family and whoever else happens to be around, make some hot chocolate, put out the nibbles and snacks and game and puzzle to your heart’s content. 

Check out the following YouTube clips to find out more about Romjul and how to celebrate it like a true Norwegian. Search for Romjul on Instagram or Pinterest for more ideas to celebrate the season. It’s time to hygge and start thinking about the new year ahead! Happy holidays!

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