The Marriage Box by Corie Adjmi (288 Pages)

A Coming of Age Story of a Syrian Jewish Teenager in New York
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The Marriage Box by Corie Adjmi (288 Pages)

A Novel Full of Humor, Insight, and Grace as a Teenager Struggles to Find the World She Fits 

Casey Cohen, like every teenager, is struggling to find her place in New Orleans. Unfortunately, she finds friends in the wrong places, leading her to trouble. Her parents decided it best to relocate to the Orthodox Syrian Jewish Community in Brooklyn.

In the big city, Casey struggles in this new foreign world. It’s here she finds the Marriage Box, a pool deck designed for teenagers to flaunt their wares to potential husbands. Initially horrified, Casey falls for Michael, eventually marrying him. 

Soon the modern world and her faith collide, making her question the sanctity of the life she’s building in New York. 

A Brimming Jewish Family Drama to Intrigue and Make Readers Laugh

The Marriage Box follows a young Syrian teenager as she makes her way through the world. Casey Cohen’s orthodox upbringing conflicts with the life she’s creating in New York after her parents relocate after she experiences a bit of trouble. Casey’s flawed, kind, and struggling to balance her independence with her religious traditions.

New world meets old world in this coming-of-age story. Casey dreams of an education while her parents push her to marry at eighteen. Through Casey’s lens, we witness the differences between these two worlds and their outcomes.

The Bottom Line: 3.5/5 Brookie Stars

The Marriage Box depicts how old world traditions meddle in a modern women’s world. Casey desperately wants to fit in, but grapples with the proper balance to meet her family’s faith. The author has provided a vivid glimpse into this Jewish community during the 80s. She built in humour together with touching moments through Casey’s aging. 

Casey ultimately displays bravery—I honestly wish we could’ve been friends. This book is described as Crazy Rich Asians minus the rich aspects then apply a super-orthodox Syrian Jewish community.

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