Best Books to Take With You on a Summer Vacation

Here Are a Few Books to Pack on Your Getaway
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Best Books to Take With You on a Summer Vacation

Best Books to Take With You on a Summer Vacation

Summer brings on a season where one can spend their free time buried in reading. It’s a time of long sunlit days spent unmoored from everyday restraints and immersed in the literary world. 

This summer, give yourself permission to cast aside a dry novel in favor of far more exciting summer reads. Pick books you can’t put down. Here are a few recommendations that will sure keep you reading for hours. 

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman: Named One of the Best Books of the Year by Cosmopolitan, NPR, The Washington Post, and Book Riot. It’s a story about a restless young journalist with big dreams who interviews a Hollywood heartthrob—and reunites with him ten years later to discover exactly how he feels about her in this sexy and engrossing novel.

Happy Place by Emily Henry. Rom coms and Henry are two of my favorites.. It’s about a couple who broke up months ago who pretends to still be together for their annual weeklong vacation with their best friends.

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan. Named a Best Book of Summer by Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, Country Living, The Skimm, BookBub and Goodreads. Second chance romance, that’s everything you want in the magic of first loves. Sam remembers who she used to be, and as Wyatt re-enters her life their connection is as undeniable as it always was. She will have to make a choice between her fiance, or the man who holds her heart. 

The Block Party by Jamie Day. A can’t-put-down read about neighborhood jealousy, revenge plots, too much wine and time. While it’s a summer read, the story revolves around  a year you probably wouldn’t want  to have with your neighbors. 

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto. Two people giving themselves, and love, a second chance. With a title inspired by a popular bridal flower and a love interest named “Bloom”, we think you know where this is going.

Don’t forget to pick up one of these books for your next summer vacation!

Shannon K. Loar is a small town girl with a passion for reading.  Books have played a significant role in her life since her youth where she’d spend hours in the local library where her grandma served as the librarian. In her free time, you can find Shannon reading or listening to a book, practicing yoga or binging a streaming show.  Her most precious time is spent with her children ages 20, 18 and 15.  Her new favorite fashion trend, athletic leisure.

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby
Favourite Rock Band: Bon Jovi
Favourite Candy: Jolly Ranchers


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