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How to Add Surprise and Delight to Your Event…

What’s better than attending an event and receiving something prepared just for you? Not much, in our minds! Everybody likes a little treat and we all love to get something for nothing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you might even negotiate something free of charge. Get creative! Here are some suggestions to get your creativity flowing:

  • Welcome drink: lemonade on a hot summer’s day, or eggnog during the holidays.
  • Name cards: an inexpensive idea of handwritten name cards positioned on the table. You could even brand them BooknBrunch.
  • Name place holders: invest in some themed name place holders. I’ve seen small baubles holding name cards on tables during the holidays that are inexpensive and make the table look pretty.
  • Bespoke dish: the restaurant prepares a dish to tie in with the book.
  • Bespoke menu card: change up the names of the dishes to reflect the book (don’t forget to share it with the restaurant before the event).
  • Chef/Patron introduction: share the restaurant’s philosophy and provenance of the food.
  • Seasonality: decorate the tables with trinkets or confetti e.g., Halloween pumpkins or Easter chicks.
  • Loyalty discount: negotiate with the restaurant to provide a small discount when members return.
  • Retail discount: negotiate with vendors in the area to offer discounts on goods purchased on the day of the event, maybe even tie it with the theme of the book (think gelato when reading The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements).
  • Tasty morsels: local vendors provide samples of their product e.g., a single chocolate (and retailer’s business card) when reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris.
  • Invite the author: if local, ask if they will come along? You’d be surprised how many authors would love to get in front of their fans.
  • Special event, engagement or wedding: confetti or balloons and a small gift such as a box of chocolates, trinket or book token.
  • Tour of venue: if your venue is in a historic building or area, persuade a local patron or historian to carry out a tour.
  • Group activity: engage in an activity as a team during the event, like cocktail making or wine tasting

If you’ve always thought of hosting your own book club, but never had the chance, I recommend taking these tips and trying your hand at hosting with BooknBrunch.  Learn more about becoming a host here.


Jacqui Hodges

With 30 years of general management experience in the global insurance industry and having lived in 4 countries, Jacqui now spends her time between London and New York where she continues to pursue her passion for writing, food, books and travel.

A Reiki practitioner, yogi and huge animal advocate, her home isn’t complete without a furbaby or three. In addition to being a BooknBrunch contributor, she writes for  industry publications.

Favourite book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
Favourite brunch dish: avocado toast with tomato and chilli


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