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Stadt Cafe

Picture a quaint little city.

One that has a trendy aesthetic, takes inspiration from its rich heritage, and focuses on sustainable locally-sourced food, oh – and it’s conveniently located in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.

Welcome to Stadt. Taking its name from the German word, meaning ‘city’, this cafe hits all the marks of a local gem.

We strolled into the German-inspired cafe around noon on a Sunday, without the stress that usually comes with brunching in the city; there was no 20-minute waitlist, no reservation needed – although if there was, it would certainly be deserved.


Walking in is akin to entering a magazine spread. The decor is cozy yet trendy, with lush fabrics, plants, rustic woods, exposed brick, and industrial brass accents. It’s a surprisingly spacious cafe, with ample seating including cozy seats by the fireplace, a secluded section in the back, or my favourite: a spot in one of their cushy booths.

It feels sophisticated, but the early 2000s playlist keeps the atmosphere light and casual, perfect for a brunch catch-up with a friend.




We’re quickly welcomed to take a seat where we please, and the service stays consistently friendly but never overbearing. Throughout brunch, we barely get to the bottom of our cups before refills are offered and the server is ready to answer any and all of my questions, including my Q&A on their delicious hot sauce, which, yes, is made in-house.

Presentation, Quality & Taste

They have a succinct but varied menu with items that cater to vegans and carnivores alike, which surprised me for a German-inspired restaurant. We chose the apple strudel French toast and Stadt omelette, which comes on an almost overflowing plate.

Apple Strudel French Toast $15.50

If you’ve ever wanted to eat a big slice of apple pie for breakfast (who doesn’t?), the apple strudel French toast is probably the closest you’ll get. The four slices of thick bread are perfectly smothered with spiced apple compote and a cream cheese glaze, and sprinkled with date granola. Despite the decadence, this brunch option isn’t sickeningly sweet, even when drizzled with maple syrup.  

Stadt Omelette $13

Now, for their savoury namesake dish. The fluffy, golden egg barely contains the melted Swiss cheese, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and shallots folded inside of it – in the best way possible. On the side, you have a generous helping of fresh fruit, hash browns, and house salad that’s covered in a creamy but light dill dressing.


My advice? Come hungry, and you’ll leave more than happy.


Value for Money

When it comes to the amount of thought that’s put into their dishes, the prices feel easily justified. Their menu is gluten-free, with meat from Southern Ontario farms that’s raised without hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. Plus, all corn products are non-GMO, and all poultry and eggs are free-range from chickens who receive only non-GMO feed.


They live by their mantra of providing meals with fresh, natural, and local ingredients. And if that doesn’t do it for you, their $5 mimosas and Caesars are sure to win you over.


What better way to enjoy a great meal than with good friends, discussing a great book? Join us for our next book club event to make it happen! See what’s coming up here.


Shannon Hodgen is a lifelong writer, DIY enthusiast, and homebody. She satisfies her need to put pen to paper–or, more accurately, fingertips to keyboard–as an agency copywriter, blog contributor, and freelance editor in Toronto.

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