The Siren Anthology by S.R. Atkinson (1,331 pages)

Bringing your childhood fantasies about mermaids to life
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The Siren Anthology by S.R. Atkinson (1,331 pages)

Remember all the time you spent as a child using your imagination to conjure stories? S.R. Atkinson’s debut trilogy The Siren Anthology brings those fantasies to life. The trilogy, comprised of Breathing Water, Surface Tension, and Treading Waves, follows Santiago, a typical 18-year-old living with her mother, as she realizes that the thought-to-be-imagined memories of her childhood are actually real.

The series begins with a flashback to a traumatic memory that Santiago has somewhat suppressed. But six years later, Santiago quickly realizes that those memories are true and that her friends from the ocean need her help. She must return to the ocean to find out what happened to her friend Rogan, a mermaid (otherwise known as a “Serra”) and join the fight against the Sirens. Santi must not only overcome the shock of realizing that an entire civilization lives beneath the waves but must also reacclimate herself to life under the water. 

Over the course of the trilogy, readers are treated to nearly non-stop action, burgeoning romance, and strong friendships. Atkinson is able to use Santiago as an avatar for the reader as she learns about the Serran civilization, making the exposition flow smoothly. As a debut series, The Siren Anthology is a fun read that is plot-driven and therefore easy to follow. 

The Bottom Line: 3/5 Brookie Stars

While the concept and story are intriguing, the driving nature of the plot often overwhelms the character development. There are times where the action is a bit confusing and some characters are not fully realized. I would definitely recommend these novels to young YA readers or anyone looking for a quick, fun read. 

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