Five Gift Ideas for Bookworm Moms

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Book Loving Moms
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Five Gift Ideas for Bookworm Moms

Five Gift Ideas for Bookworm Moms

What could possibly be better than books? Trick question. Nothing. But what comes close? Gifts, accessories and tools that help make reading easier and even more enjoyable. In this list, we’re featuring some unique and accessible gift ideas for the book-loving moms of the world. Check out our five gift ideas for bookworm moms below.



Book Marks - Gift Ideas for Bookworm Moms

image via booksforabs etsy shop

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used random objects as a bookmark?  From grocery store receipts to unused coupons, sometimes you just don’t know where your bookmark is or you simply don’t have enough when you’ve got more than one book on the go. 

With moms doing a million and one things at once, purchasing bookmarks is probably at the bottom of the list. That’s where booksforabs comes in. These bookmarks/book corners are perfect and come in a number of sets. 

Not only will you be supporting a small Canadian women-owned business when you purchase from @booksforabs, but Abigail is also an avid reader herself and you can catch up on her current reads over on bookstagram. 

Book Light 

Book Light Gift Ideas for Bookworm Moms

Image via Amazon

For moms, finding alone time might be difficult and rare. For some, that window might present itself late at night or super early in the morning. Either way, if you’re looking to sneak in some reading without disturbing anyone else, why not try these handy small, portable book lights. 

It’s got a sturdy, bendable arm and you can clip it onto your books (hardcover or paperback) with ease! This would make a great gift for busy moms – you can take this book light any and everywhere. You can also get them in a wide variety of colours, sizes and models at a super affordable price at Indigo or most online retailers. 

Book Stamp

Book Stamp - Gifts for Bookworm Moms

image via StampByMeStudio etsy shop


If your mom is a bookworm, chances are she has a bookshelf full of amazing books. We bet the chances are even greater that your mom also has friends or relatives that always want to borrow her latest reads. I’m certainly guilty of stealing, I mean “borrowing”, books from my mom’s shelves (which I commonly refer to as “the library of mom”). If you find that your mom frequently lends out from her personal library; first of all – very brave of her; secondly, I highly suggest snagging one of these unique book stamps. 

There are lots available on Etsy with different designs and prints, and you can customize the stamp to say whatever you want. I’ve personally gotten these for bookworm friends and it’s been a hit with every one of them. One of my favourite book stamp sellers can be found on Etsy: StampByMeStudio. The stamps are handmade, long-lasting (I’m talking years) and a crafty way to mark ownership of your precious books!

The Oodie

oodie - Bookworm Mom Gift

image via theoodie website

With spring comes the warmer weather, yes, but with it comes lots of rain. For bookworms, rainy, gloomy weather is perfect for a nice cozy day indoors, snuggled with a blanket, warm drink and a book. 

Now, what if you could physically wear your blanket? That’s where the oodie comes in. It’s a super soft “one size fits most” blanket hoodie! Yes, you read that right. A blanket and a hoodie all in one – what a concept. If this isn’t a fitting gift for a bookworm then I don’t know what is. 

These genius inventions of clothing are 100% cruelty-free, machine washable and will have you “feeling like you’re hugging a sheep.” They’re also perfect for any occasion, whether it’s camping on summer nights or evening nights on your couch; the oodie will provide some much needed comfort. 

You can check out all the fun and brightly coloured designs over on 

Tea - bookworm Mom Gift

image via unspliash

If you’re looking to complete your Mother’s Day gift, here’s another business you can support while simultaneously fueling your reading habit. Amoda is a unique tea brand that creates delicious organic teas, matcha and mushroom blends; it’s a brand that cares about the body, mind and mood. Their teas and blends are the perfect companions to a riveting book. Sounds like a perfect mother’s day gift to me!

All their teas and blends are made from ethically sourced ingredients and don’t include any fillers, artificial flavourings or sweeteners. Just pure plant power. Head over to their website to browse tea options on their shop or keep the gift going by subscribing to their monthly box service

Which of these gift ideas would be perfect for your bookworm mom? Let us know! If you’d like to pick up a book to go along with any of these amazing gift ideas, be sure to check out our Brookstore.

Esosa Akpata is a 20-something-year-old avid reader, occasional writer, and constant dreamer who enjoys travelling, cheesy rom-coms, and brunch dates with friends. She is passionate about improving the lives of people and communities and has worked in the charitable sector for over five years with a focus on healthcare and education. Her love for reading started as a preteen with The Nancy Drew Mysteries and was reignited in her late teenage years thanks to tear-jerking young-adult novels like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Today, she enjoys a wide genre of books that include: contemporary fiction, short-essay collections, memoirs, and historical fiction. 

Top Three Favourite Books are: 
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 
When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors

Favourite Brunch Spot: Reyna on King


Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe (336 pages)


Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard (496 pages)