Lore by Alexandra Bracken (480 pages)

How Do You Turn Your Back on a Brutal Hunt of the Gods?
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Lore by Alexandra Bracken (480 pages)

Alexandra Bracken delivers an absolute dynamic story where the all-mighty Greek gods become the hunted.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken is a fast-paced story that puts a refreshing new twist on Greek mythology. After her family’s brutal murder, Lore Perseous escaped the cruel life of god killers and eternal glory and never looked back. She wanted nothing to do with the Agon—a hunt for the nine Greek gods as punishment for a previous betrayal. The Agon happens every seven years, and the gods are forced to walk the Earth as mortals while the descendants of ancient bloodlines hunt them in an attempt to steal their power and immortality. 

While it hasn’t been the most glamorous life, it has been a new one for Lore, and that’s the way she wanted it. Living in New York City, Lore has found a new way of living, but as the following hunt approaches, two participants seek her help: Castor, Lore’s childhood friend, whom she presumed was dead, and Athena, one of the last remaining gods. When Athena offers Lore a suspicious alliance that claims to help her get away from the Agon forever, Lore reluctantly binds her fate to the goddess of wisdom and rejoins the hunt. But as the hunt for the gods’ power and immortality beckons, a new god with the sadistic power to end everything rises from the ashes, and Lore may have finally met her match. 

An Exciting Twist on Greek Mythology That Reveals  the True Nature of the Hunters and the Hunted

As someone who is obsessed with Greek Mythology, the second I found out about Lore, I knew I had to snag a copy. As I was reading, I was quite literally mind blown that Bracken put such an interesting new twist on these dramatic legends. Immortals and hunters immersed throughout New York City? I don’t think I’ll ever look at the city that never sleeps the same way again. Lore Perseous will definitely go down as one of my favorite main characters in YA history because not only is she a kick-ass heroine, her quirky sense of humour and quick wit sets her apart from the crowd. And she wasn’t the only character with a three-dimensional nature. Castor, Miles, Van, and even Athena brought their own entertaining persona to the table and helped sprinkle in some humour and light to such a dark book. 

The action and adrenaline throughout Lore was truly unmatched. As I was reading, I was on the edge of my seat with every twist, turn, and betrayal that Alexandra Bracken could throw at me. I felt as if I truly didn’t know who I could trust and when one is dealing with ruthless immortal gods, I suppose it’s never a good idea to trust anyone. The dynamic between Lore and her childhood friend Castor was equally wholesome and heartbreaking. With Lore’s protective nature and strong feelings for the ones she loves, her tone and behavior were unmatched when her loved ones were put in danger. 

The Bottom Line:  4/5 Brookie Stars

Lore by Alexandra Bracken was truly a dynamic Greek mythology retelling that had me reeling with every insane turn of events that happened to our very own Lore Perseous. Bracken’s descriptive writing was stunning and immersive, and I easily felt like I was right there alongside Lore as she fought against terrifying hunters and unstoppable immortals. Lore and her friends are definitely a crowd that no one should miss

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