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Creating Your 2022 Reading Challenge

Creating Your 2022 Reading Challenge

I’m always looking to theme my new year reading challenge. Whether different genres, specialist segments (e.g., women authors, European authors, etc.), I like the diversity that a well-defined and well-balanced reading list can bring to the books I choose to read. If I stray from that list, then so be it, and it simply widens my reading opportunity.

This year my theme is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ as I plan to read 24 books that I have purchased over recent years, that I have not gotten around to reading. I have so many to choose from!

When creating your own 2022 reading challenge, remember that it can be as specific or general as you like. You can choose all the books upfront in a prescribed list or select them as you move through the year. The choice is yours, but a rule of thumb is that it should have a defined start and end; for example, to read 18 books in a year, read one book per month, or read at least 5 books by women authors. Having a target and end date will help to keep you focused and on track. 

Setting your own reading challenge can be hugely satisfying as you tick off your carefully chosen selections. However, you may also welcome a friend setting your reading challenge for you or perhaps putting together a group reading challenge. Whatever your preference, the following ideas may give you some food for thought.

Compiling your first reading challenge – challenge yourself!

Many people like the solitude of reading and indulging their desires. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably want to set your own reading challenge. There are so many blogs and posts out there sharing “the best books about…”. Take your time and choose something that best fits your desire and mood. Check out this month’s Books of the Month on the BooknBrunch website for ideas. Or maybe be inspired by an online book club, say or a trusted reviewer such as the New York Times and go with the top book suggestions to create your list. Suppose you’re looking for reviewed or ‘validated’ books for your list, then search for literary award winners, such as the Man Booker Prize, the Giller Prize or the Hugo Awards. 

Need some inspiration or a new perspective – ask a friend! 

Invite a trusted friend to put together a reading list for you. Give them some parameters, like how many books you want to read throughout the year, per month, etc. You can give them free rein to select books for you, or you can agree on a theme, such as food writers, books about animals, or books translated into English from another language, for example. Choose a friend who thinks outside the box and who will put together a list that will inspire and excite you. Don’t forget that you can always read additional books; you’re not restricted purely to what’s on your reading list. 

Need some motivation to keep you on track – create a group challenge! 

Gather together a group of friends whose reading style complements your own. Or maybe challenge yourself by including friends who have diametrically opposed reading choices. You can construct your joint reading list together – send an email containing the book you most want to read to a friend. They add their choice to the list and forward the two suggestions to a third friend, who adds the third book. You continue until everybody has added their choices and Voila! A 2022 reading challenge is born. If there is a large enough group, one book per person may be enough to create the challenge. If there are only a few of you, you could circulate it around the group a second time, with the books on the list inspiring the choice of the second book. Or perhaps invite more friends to join the group.

Suppose you decide to go down the route of a group challenge. In that case, you will automatically generate enthusiasm and motivation and a ready-made reading group with whom to discuss your thoughts and share your critique. Why not introduce a social aspect? Perhaps arrange to discuss the book over a bite to eat (sound familiar?). You could even host an event for others! 

Thinking of becoming a Brookie Host with one of your reading challenge books? Check out our Host Page to find out more. 

Jacqui Hodges

With 30 years of general management experience in the global insurance industry and having lived in 4 countries, Jacqui now spends her time between London and New York where she continues to pursue her passion for writing, food, books and travel.

A Reiki practitioner, yogi and huge animal advocate, her home isn’t complete without a furbaby or three. In addition to being a BooknBrunch contributor, she writes for  industry publications.

Favourite book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
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