National Superhero Day – How to Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Unleash Your Inner Superhero Through Journaling
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National Superhero Day – How to Unleash Your Inner Superhero

How to Unleash Your Inner Superhero Through Journaling

A superhero is defined as a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers.  The power to unleash your version of a Superhero is inside  of you already.  The best part is that it does not require a cape or an invisible jet.  All you need to do is become the best version of yourself! 

To do that, you first have to know your purpose.  Think about what you want to become the best at; it doesn’t always have to be for fame or power.  Be free. Be creative. Write it down. Build your power through journaling. 

This tool can provide exceptional opportunities for individuals to reflect and grow personally.  Journaling helps create space for us to better understand our purpose, providing clarity for exploration to unleash our inner strengths.

How To Get Started With Journaling

If journaling is new to you, the best way to begin the process is by dedicating  a minimum of one day a week to journaling sessions. This will help to foster the necessary steps to creating a habit.

For example, find a comfortable space every Sunday evening and think about the activities you’ve accomplished that are helping to toughen your purpose. At the same time,  reflect on where some weaknesses may lie for areas of improvement.  Don’t forget it is important to reflect on every milestone and every failure.  This is your time to truly be honest with a paper and pen.  

Once you begin to build the habit, journaling will naturally become more than a weekly routine.  You’ll find the pages begin to fill with learnings for self-realization.  By learning, we stay in a constant space of powering our best selves.  

Every day, each of us experiences things that we like and things we don’t like.  The journal will serve as our shield, defending us from things that make us unhappy.  This shield will also protect us from those things that are trying to destroy our commitment to our purpose.  

Don’t rush the process as developing this power takes time.  You don’t gain valuable knowledge about yourself from a one-time session, build the practice.  

“There is a superhero in all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape .” – Superman 

Ready to unleash your inner superhero? Learn more about how journaling changes your life and ways to stick with it click here. Let us know what superhero powers you uncover about yourself by emailing us here.

Shannon K. Loar is a small town girl with a passion for reading.  Books have played a significant role in her life since her youth where she’d spend hours in the local library where her grandma served as the librarian. In her free time, you can find Shannon reading or listening to a book, practicing yoga or binging a streaming show.  Her most precious time is spent with her children ages 20, 18 and 15.  Her new favorite fashion trend, athletic leisure.

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby
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One of Us is Dead by Jeneva Rose (355 pages)


All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir (384 pages)