One of Us is Dead by Jeneva Rose (355 pages)

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One of Us is Dead by Jeneva Rose (355 pages)

Wealth, Scandal, and, Of Course, Catty Women Can Be Found in One of Us is Dead

Step through the doors of Glow, a concierge salon in Buckhead, Georgia, and you’ll meet the catty women of wealth from the community. These women, who are the central characters of the novel, indulge in expensive cars, clothes, huge houses, and fiercely competitive friendships. Let’s meet the clientele. 

Shannon, formerly the queen of the group, has been dethroned after her husband, Bryce, traded her in for a newer, younger model. The other rich ladies shift their loyalties to the new wife, pushing Shannon to take revenge. 

Crystal is now filling the seat vacated by Shannon after she married Bryce. Her naivete in this group makes her the perfect pushover for the new ringleader. 

Oliva is the self-appointed new “Queen of Buckhead.” After years of standing in the shadows behind Shanon, her time is now – and she is not above bringing out the claws to get what she wants. 

Jenny owns Glow, where spray tans, blow-outs, and manicures are dished out like candy. If salon walls could talk, they’d tell many stories, since these women don’t hesitate to gossip about their deep dark secrets.    

One of Us is Dead” is a scandalous mystery where everyone is not who they seem.  And, the only way to keep secrets is to have them buried. 

A binge worthy read full of betrayal, sex and opulence.  

One of Us is Dead is the perfect mix of pomp and circumstance with a select group of friends who try to outdo each other in wealth,prestige, and status in the community. They plot and scheme in the chairs at the local salon over mimosas.

The novel is read from multiple points of view throughout the story, alternating between the past and the present.  Each women’s perspective sheds light on what led to murder.  These ladies are not alone in their pretentious behavior as each husband contributes equally to the scandal in and out of the salon. 

The Bottom Line: 4/5 Brookie Stars.

This novel truly reads like a combination of a thriller book and a binge worthy TV show.  We ALL enjoy diving into juicy rich-people drama. The pages simmer in catty behavior, including the so-called “kinsult” – a compliment and insult mixed into one comment and delivered with a smile.  

From its beautiful cover to the spider web of lies and deceit within, take the time to indulge in this addictive, fast-paced read. One of Us is Dead is wildly entertaining!

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