Raise Your Book and Your Glass Because It’s National Wine Day!

Celebrate National Wine Day by pairing together a delicious wine with your current read
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Raise Your Book and Your Glass Because It’s National Wine Day!

Raise Your Book and Your Glass Because It’s National Wine Day!

National Wine Day, initiated in 2009, takes place on May 25th this year and is a celebration of all things wine related. Wine is one of the most widely produced and consumed drinks globally and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Whether drunk on its own or to accompany  a meal, wine can be  enjoyed by many. It’s so versatile that you can even cook with it, and drinking it in moderation can have health benefits and help to fight heart disease, specifically red wines. 

The type of grape and  the amount of skin contact while extracting the juice gives the colour and style of the wine. Red wines get their colour and flavour from the flesh and the skin while white wines are pressed quickly and the skins removed quickly. Red grapes can be used to make white wine, providing the skin contact is minimal; for example, pinot noir and pinot meunier, both red grapes, are used alongside chardonnay grapes to make champagne. Rose wines take their colour from the red grape skin and can range from very pale peach colour to a deep red, almost purple. 

All the Choices of Wine 

All wines can be sweet or dry, regardless of the colour; red wines can be sweet and you can get some very dry white wines.. Sweet wines generally have a higher sugar content. You might be   familiar with dessert wines as well as   Canadian ice wines. Late harvest grapes that have been left on the vine for longer and naturally become sweeter. Champagnes and sparkling wines such as prosecco and cava get their fizz from undergoing a second fermentation (the addition of yeast to convert the natural sugar of the grape to alcohol) to create carbon dioxide that creates the bubbles. 

A Perfect Glass With the Perfect Book

From grassy, citrusy sauvignon blanc and buttery, oaky chardonnay to crisp and fragrant rosé, there are many choices when it comes to pairing it with your next great read. We have the favourite wine pairing for your next read: red, white, or pink. Full-bodied or light, sparkling or still, we have great wine pairings to match your favourite book genre. Check out our suggestions below, kick back and savour the flavour while turning the pages. There’s something for everyone!

Classics – if you love the timeless classics with their complex characters, deep storylines and impactful messages, then go for a bold, full-bodied red. Any red wine with more than 13.5% alcohol content and a rich mouthfeel is considered full-bodied. It includes favourites such as cabernet sauvignon, malbec, zinfandel, syrah and shiraz. All hold their own against an AustenBrontë or Dickens and whichever grape you prefer will work perfectly with your next great read.

Fantasy – if you prefer to escape the everyday routine and slip into a world of marvel

and magic, mythical creatures and undiscovered worlds, consider a sparkling wine or Champagne. A chilled glass of prosecco or cava, or even Champagne if you’re happy to splash your cash, will bring excitement and new dimensions to the books you love to read. An excellent match for the brilliance and spectacle of TolkienPullman or Pratchett, or to bring a little extra fizz to that latest novel by George R.R. Martin.

Thrillers – if suspense is more your thing and you’re engrossed by intrigue and plot twists, then go for a lighter red wine that will linger on your palette. My favourite is a juicy, peppery pinot noir that mirrors the spice and complexity of the story. A second glass will see you through the most intriguing and captivating tales from classic authors like Agatha ChristieLee Child and Stephen King or one of their more contemporary counterparts Gillian Flynn.

Contemporary – contemporary novels can contain an undercurrent of various genres and you’ll be looking for a highly versatile wine that quickly adapts to those diversities. I find the neutral buttery notes of chardonnay, colliding with vanilla, spices, citrus and other fruits, make this the perfect pairing. Opt for a younger, crisp sauvignon blanc with grassy and citrus notes if an aged, oaky chardonnay isn’t your thing. Contemporary novels can be easy to read and often light-hearted while sometimes offering humour. Both wines can adapt and evolve as you lose yourself in the story unfolding before you. Pick up your glass and a novel by one of the many excellent contemporary writers like Margaret AtwoodHaruki MurakamiChimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Matt Haig and plough through those pages. 

Romance – it may be a cliché, but what better pairing with a romance novel full of passion and desire than a delightful rosé? It can be dry or sweet, dark or light, and pairs delightfully with a heady romance. My favourites are the delicate Provencal rosés with their fresh fruit flavour and pale, soft hue that fizz on the tongue and release their exquisite bouquet. If you favour something sweeter with hints of strawberry and lemon, then look for a zinfandel. Despite its rich pink colour, it’s often better known as white zinfandel and is one of the most popular varieties. Why not pair your rosé with the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn or one of Nora Roberts’ many loved romance novels?

Whatever your genre, head to your preferred reading nook with your book. Pour yourself a glass, unwin(e)d – pardon the pun, and lose yourself in a world of words and wine. 

Do you have a favourite book that references wine or one of the wine regions? Why not share it with your fellow Brookies in the comments below?

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