Holiday Gifts for the Bookish Friends In Your Life

Give Them More Than a Book This Holiday Season
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Holiday Gifts for the Bookish Friends In Your Life

Holiday Gifts for the Bookish Friends In Your Life

What should you buy for friends who enjoy reading? A book, right?  While that’s the logical answer, it begs us to consider whether we actually know what they’ve read or what their favourite genre is. It is also likely that everyone else will be considering books, so you’d be joining a list attempting to give them a book or two.  

Don’t worry; there are plenty of bookish gifts for the readers in your life. They can be practical gifts, cozy items such as bookish sweatshirts or socks, or accessories like  earrings, necklaces, and tote bags that showcase their love of reading.  So, no matter the book lover – the teacher, librarian or the everyday avid reader – you can find something other than a book for them this holiday season. 

Gifts For The Avid Reader To Enjoy:

  1. For the old-fashioned or latenight reader who enjoys a book in their hand, consider a book light. They clip directly onto the book, and won’t disturb your partner if reading in bed, making it the perfect, inexpensive gift.   
  2. Consider headphones for the book lover who enjoys audiobooks while exercising, commuting or simply completing daily tasks around the house. 
  3. Do your book lovers have a growing library? Consider a custom embosser to mark their books so friends can return them to their rightful owner after they borrow them. 
  4. Gift them a book box subscription. Then readers can randomly choose their next favourite book from the offered selection, and have it shipped directly to their home.
  5. Finally, consider a planner to help the bookworm keep track of their favourite titles each month and develop a log for all they’ve read.   

Hopefully these book-focused gift ideas have inspired you to find the perfect item for the reader in your life. 

Shannon K. Loar is a small town girl with a passion for reading.  Books have played a significant role in her life since her youth where she’d spend hours in the local library where her grandma served as the librarian. In her free time, you can find Shannon reading or listening to a book, practicing yoga or binging a streaming show.  Her most precious time is spent with her children ages 20, 18 and 15.  Her new favorite fashion trend, athletic leisure.

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby
Favourite Rock Band: Bon Jovi
Favourite Candy: Jolly Ranchers


Reader, I Murdered Him by Betsy Cornwell (288 pages)


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