Traditional Holiday Decorations That You Can Make At Home

Treat Your Friends and Family to some Homemade Festive Delights
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Traditional Holiday Decorations That You Can Make At Home

Traditional Holiday Decorations That You Can Make At Home

Usually, at this time of year, I’m preparing to write a blog post about festive nibbles and sweet treats you can make and enjoy over the holiday season. However, I wanted to shake it up with something different this year. 

I love cooking and crafting, and what better time of the year to combine the two and let your creative juices flow? All that glitter and sparkle is a crafter’s dream. Food incorporating sweetness and spice can make incredible festive decorations or a thoughtful and considered gift. 

Whether you’re looking to bring some festive flair to your own home or you’re searching for that unique host/hostess gift, check out the following homemade delights. Most of them are simple enough to involve the kids while keeping them entertained. With imagination, you can make adorable and thoughtful gifts for colleagues, friends and loved ones. Here are a few of my favourite homemade holiday decorations.  

Dried Orange Decorations

Dried orange decorations are so simple to make and bring a wonderful festive fragrance to your house for weeks to come. I like this article from Anika Pannu as it gives ideas for using dried oranges other than simply hanging them in your home. You also don’t need fancy ingredients or gadgets – just some oranges, a sharp knife, and an oven. You can also use different oranges – like blood oranges and satsumas – to bring a variety of sizes and colours. Have a rummage in your crafting box and raid your spice cupboard for whole fragrant spices, such as star anise and cinnamon sticks. With just a few simple embellishments, you can create some unique and adorable decorations. 

Baked Dough Ornaments

There are many recipes for homemade clay, but this is one of the easiest that I have come across. It’s from Lily Ardor, and she uses it to make this fabulous star garland. You will need three ingredients you probably already have in the house: baking soda, cornstarch, and water. You can add a few drops of essential oil or a teaspoon of mixed spice to scent your decorations. The options are to air dry or bake on low heat in the oven. I found the baked version much hardier, and the ones I made a couple of years ago are still going strong. When you cut out the shapes, remember to make a hole in each if you intend to thread them. Otherwise, you can wrap them with wire or thread to join them and make your garland.

 Want to step it up a notch and go for something more adventurous?  Check out this recipe for Christmas-scented salt dough from Rocky Hedge Farm.

Candle Centrepiece

I can’t decide which table centrepiece to go with this year, so I’m going to make two. One I’ll leave out throughout the season, and the other I’ll make fresh on Christmas Eve and put on the table when we have our Christmas lunch. Both ideas are from Taste Made and are very simple and highly effective. The first is a cinnamon candle centrepiece, which uses one of my favourite spices with homely and warming qualities. You can use any candle you have on hand; it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Simply wrap a coloured or rustic thread or narrow ribbon around the candle and tie in a bow. Leave enough room to slot in some cinnamon sticks and maybe a sprig of rosemary or a small branch from the Christmas tree–and voilà! The second option, a mason jar candle, is equally simple and just as effective and uses just a jar, some rosemary or fir sprig, fruit, water, and a tealight. Both are very quick and simple to make, as well as  inexpensive, but they still manage to be wonderfully attractive.   

Edible Christmas Trees

I couldn’t finish this post without including one decoration that can also be eaten! These little trees are a big favourite in my house. I make them to decorate my cheese board, and they’re usually the first thing to be gobbled up! All you need is a cucumber shaved into thin slices, a carrot sliced into rounds, a small star cutter, and a cocktail stick. Check out the video from Thai Trick for this and other fantastic food decoration ideas.  

I hope you make some of these beautiful holiday decorations, and please share your photos with us here. 

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