A Dazzling Batch of Debuts: Five YA Debuts to Be on the Lookout For

These Five YA Books Will Take the World by Storm in 2023
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A Dazzling Batch of Debuts: Five YA Debuts to Be on the Lookout For

A Dazzling Batch of Debuts: Five YA Debuts to Be on the Lookout For

We are in full swing for 2023, and that means a whole new batch of phenomenal books releasing this year! Every year, we see a ton of fabulous new debut authors launching their very first book baby into the world, and we readers love absolutely everything about it. This year is no different at all. While researching 2023 debuts on the hunt for my next reads, I discovered a tremendous amount of debut authors with their books coming out so soon! These books will definitely have it all. From magic to romance to coming-of-age literature, these books are blasting into this year with a bang. 

1. Revelle by Lyssa Mia Smith (464 Pages) (February 14th, 2023)

Magic, mystery, and romance. Need I say more? Oh, and not to mention, this enigmatic story takes place on an island set in a magical version of Prohibition-era New York. And it’s inspired by Moulin Rouge. Lyssa Smith brings the story of Luxe Revelle, a star performer in her family’s show. But she knows all too well that the splendour is just an illusion. However, Prohibition is threatening everything, including Luxe’s family’s livelihood, and when the son of Charmant makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Luxe believes she can save her family. But when she meets Jamison Port, an orphan looking for clues, she can’t fight the sparks between them. Only Luxe and Jamison both have a lot to lose, and when you’re keeping secrets from powerful people in Charmant, the island doesn’t seem so magical after all. 

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2. Made of Stars by Jenna Voris (368 Pages) (March 28th, 2023)

I knew I needed to read this book when I saw that it was inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. I mean, criminal lovers? What more can you ask for? And in space? Oh, I was sold faster than I could read the whole blurb. Nothing can get in the way of Shane and Ava’s efficient routine of stealing aircrafts, not even their undeniable chemistry. Only, when Shane lands himself on a prison moon, he does everything he can to escape and is ready for his biggest adventure yet. Bring in Cyrus, a new graduate from the flight academy, who is ready to save his home world. But when Cyrus runs into Shane and Ava, everything he ever knew might be wrong. 

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3. Something More by Jackie Khalilieh (336 Pages) (June 6th, 2023)

Contemporary teen romance! Contemporary teen romance! Fifteen-year-old Jessie is a Palestinian-Canadian girl trying to hide her autism diagnosis while navigating her first year of high school. Jessie is a quirky young girl who is obsessed with the nineties and trying to find her place in this world. Deciding to keep her diagnosis a secret, she creates a list of goals that would make her high school experience everything she ever wanted. But when she finally attends Holy Trinity High, she soon realizes that not everything is just black and white and there’s so much more to life. And something else Jessie never considered? Boys. When two very different boys steal her heart, Jessie is ready to live in colour. 

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4.  A Crooked Mark  by Linda Kao (368 Pages) (June 20th, 2023)

Let’s divert from fun and flirty to dark and sinister. A Crooked Mark is about a teen boy who must hunt down those who the devil has marked. Unfortunately, he needs to hunt down the very girl he has fallen for. Rae Winter was in a horrendous accident that took her father’s life and it was a miracle she was able to walk away from it. But Matthew Watts knows there are much darker forces at work here. The infamous Lucifer can mark a soul that is about to pass on to stay in the land of the living to carry on his evil work. Matthew has spent his whole life hunting down those who have been marked with his father to finally put an end to Lucifer once and for all. But when he meets Rae, a girl supposedly marked by the devil, Matthew soon begins to question if the devil’s mark even exists at all. Could it just be his feelings for Rae?

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5. Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton (432 Pages) (June 27th, 2023)

I love a good fantasy story about sirens! Saoirse Sorkova lies about being a siren to avoid execution. She lives in a prejudiced kingdom where her existence is illegal, but she knows she has to protect her family. Working as an assassin for a dangerous group of mercenaries, and keeping her impulse to kill a secret from her family, Saoirse’s life is nothing but a lie. And when her sister is being blackmailed, Saoirse takes on a dangerous job to investigate. She becomes the personal bodyguard to none other than Prince Hayes, the son of the man who enforces the brutal creature segregation laws. Only, when Saoirse finds out that Prince Hayes is kind and charming, she finds herself drawn to him. And when the pair team up to find a deadly killer, one who turns out to be Saoirse herself, the female assassin isn’t quite sure what her next move will be. 

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YA Books Are Getting Better and Better

There truly is no better feeling than seeing all of these new books come out, and then soon finding your new favourite story. As someone who anticipates a copious amount of book releases every year, I can attest to saying it is such a fantastic feeling. From fantasy to sci-fi to contemporary and everything in between, the YA books coming out this year are nothing shy of extraordinary. It is incredible to see such talented debuts come into the book world with their fresh stories and delightful characters. Be on the lookout for these books—they’re about to take over the world!

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