Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan (400 pages)

A Stirring Story About Love and Loss
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Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan (400 pages)

Their Love was Supposed to Last Forever  

Soulmates, Yasmen and Josiah, have a once-in-a-lifetime love until a loss tears their once-happy marriage apart. Two years after they signed the papers, each has moved forward, adjusted to co-parenting, and accepted the new reality of their professional relationship as co-owners of a local restaurant. 

Yasmin was unprepared for her life to unravel in such a manner and is just beginning to pull herself together after a tough few years. Josiah has given his ex-wife the much-needed space to heal. He has also started dating again—only the magnetic pull to Yasmin keeps dragging him back to her. 

After one stolen kiss, they begin to question if they could be better the second time around. First, though, they must deal with the open wounds that destroyed the life they built. 

Scorching Novel About Hope and Healing

Yasmen and Josiah are divorced, even though they vowed to love each other through every trial life sent their way. Only, love wasn’t enough. Just as each of them is moving on, they are drawn back together. Is it too late for a second chance?

From the prologue to the epilogue, this couple’s connection and chemistry are palpable and endearing. Their love is the envy everyone dreams of finding until tragedy shatters their future. It’s clear throughout the story they never stopped loving each other. They are and will be forever drawn together. 

The Bottom Line: 5/5 Brookie Stars

WOW, this is the first book I’ve read penned by Kennedy Ryan, and needless to say I need to review her backlist of books. Before I Let Go is a beautifully written story of one family coping with grief that destroys a marriage. Yasmen (Yas) and Josiah’s love story is hopeful, real, and truthful about how loss affects oneself. 

My emotions were just as torn as those of the characters, and the ending literally burst my heart. The dual perspective shows the reader the differences in how each of us works through conflict and miscommunication. The positive message of therapy was powerful. Sometimes we just need to learn the tools on how to resolve heartbreak to move forward. 

A poignant family story—5 stars!! 

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