Pride Roundup Books to Love by LGBTQIA+ Authors

Celebrate Pride Month by Supporting LGBTQIA+ Authors
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Pride Roundup Books to Love by LGBTQIA+ Authors

Pride Roundup: Books to Love by LGBTQIA+ Authors

In honour of Pride Month this June, we’re bringing you a roundup of great reads by LGBTQIA+ authors! Adding or buying a few of these titles to include in your TBR list is a great way to show your support. From memoir and comedy to depictions of love and family, there’s a read in this roundup you’ll love.

Here for It: Or, How To Save Yourself in America; Essays by R. Eric Thomas (304 pages)

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In this memoir of essays, R. Eric Thomas invites readers into his life as he shares about growing up as a black, gay kid in America. Having always felt “other” from everyone else, Thomas uses his quick wit and easy humour in this memoir to explore what it means to fit in or stand out, and how we all might define “normal” for ourselves. Tackling both issues of race and sexuality, he does not shy away from the hard conversations, but he delivers his life story in such a welcoming and heartfelt way that no matter how readers have struggled with their own differences, they will find they resonate with Thomas’ struggles, triumphs, and journey.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer (272 pages)

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Sticking with comedy, the next read on our list is a satirical novel about a failed writer named Arthur Less who opts to travel around the world in lieu of attending the wedding of his ex-lover of 15 years. Globetrotting from one literary event to the next, Less finds himself in dive bars,  beaches, and at literary festivals worldwide from Mexico and Italy to Morocco and Japan. Through all of his outlandish experiences and encounters, Less finds that love is what started his running and what also brings him home.

Both humorous and sweet, this novel is a love story filled with adventure. You’ll put the book down smiling, comforted by the reminder that no amount of mistakes or mishaps can diminish one of the greatest adventures of the human heart: loving one another.

Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters (368 pages)

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In her debut novel, trans author Torrey Peters brings readers such a beautiful depiction of what it means to be a family and to love others while still honouring yourself. The story follows Reese, a trans woman in love with her quiet comfortable life, longing only for a child with her girlfriend, Amy. But when Amy detransitions, becoming Ames, their once seemingly perfect life and love fall apart.

In a surprising turn of events, the opportunity to raise a child together might be the one thing that can bring them back together. When Ames learns his boss-turned-lover, Katrina, is pregnant, he hopes all three of them can find a way to raise the child together and become the unconventional family none of them knew they needed.   

I can’t say enough good things about this novel except that you needed to add it to your TBR list yesterday.

A World Between by Emily Hashimoto (400 pages)

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Another debut novel graces this roundup with queer author Emily Hashimoto’s A World Between in which two young girls from very different backgrounds, Eleanor Suzuki and Leena Shah, meet in college and fall in love. On the brink of graduation, their differences drove them apart. However, years later, fate reunites Eleanor and Leena. They  agree to catch up and soon realize the connection that still exists between them. As their connection blossoms as it once had all those years before, Leena struggles with her engagement to fiancé, Dhaval. Caught between a life of her choosing and one expected of her, Leena’s rekindled friendship with Eleanor might be the thing to bring her back to her younger, more hope-filled self.

As a portrayal of both romantic love and female friendship, Hashimoto weaves a story of connection that doesn’t necessarily need to be clearly defined to still be meaningful and life-giving. A lovely telling of change and choice, this is a read you don’t want to miss out on!  

How will you support LGBTQIA+ authors this Pride Month? Let us know if you’ll be reading any of the suggestions above, or share some of your favourite LGBTQIA+ authors and reads with us here!

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