5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Maple Leaf Tavern in Toronto This Fall

Where Classic Meets Cozy: A Maple Leaf Tavern Review
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5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Maple Leaf Tavern in Toronto This Fall

While many restaurants go for gimmicks and fancy colour palettes focused on their Insta-worthiness, it’s Maple Leaf Tavern’s old world class that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The once-rough bar was completely revitalized in 2013, with a new look courtesy of owner Todd Morgan and a fresh menu from chef Jesse Vallins. Now, as The Globe and Mail put it, the Maple Leaf Tavern is “quite possibly the best tavern in Toronto”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to visit this fall:

  1. The Old School Vibe

When owner Todd Morgan bought the tavern, he wanted to bring the space back to its prime–and in our opinion, he exceeded his goal. The black and gold exterior is modern and on-trend, but as soon as you walk in, the stunning interior shows off its old school charm with exposed brick, stained glass, and rich wood accents.


Photo Credit: Renée Suen

  1. The New School Comfort Food

We have two words for you: Brunch Poutine. This place serves comfort food at its best– with a 2018 twist–catering to vegetarians and meat eaters equally. Think classic breakfast combos featuring smooth scrambled eggs and sausage, a smoked salmon option, or toast piled with roasted mushrooms. Top it all off with one of their cocktails, like the Ceasar Mexicana or Pisco Punch, and you’ve got a fantastic start to the weekend!

  1. The Wood-Fired Oven

In any old restaurant, the oven isn’t typically something you’d be drawn to. But here, the wood-fired oven is a focal point in its own right–and not only because it’s massive–it’s also beautiful and adds some serious coziness, making it the perfect place to grab a seat next to on a chilly morning.


  1.  The Warm Ambience

When you combine the wood-fired oven, the charming decor, and the satisfying comfort food, you get one undeniably warm ambience. What more could you ask for when the temperature starts to drop? They also have a private dining room that seats 20–which is perfect for book club meetings!


  1. Their Chef, Jesse Vallins

Famous for his sausages, Maple Leaf Chef Jesse Vallins has won the title of ‘Toronto’s Sausage League Champion’ three times and is considered one of Canada’s premiere sausage makers–so you know you’re coming to the right place for breakfast! Keep an eye out for our Q&A with Jesse, coming soon to The Journal.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Roberts

Visit Maple Leaf Tavern at 955 Gerrard Street East in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood to experience this brunch spot for yourself. Even better, you could bring along a few new friends and host a BooknBrunch event there! Learn more about hosting with us right here.


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